Winter in Summerland: snakefly


For the final entry of my brief and unevenly posted series of interesting wildlife found during my stay in the Okanagan, I present a chimera. Well, actually it is a snakefly, a unique insect found within the equally unique order Raphidioptera.

This order is somewhat strange to me, as I was previously taught that they fell within Neuroptera, with the lacewings. Taxonomy aside, they are quite interesting looking although I don’t know a whole lot about them. One interesting fact is the pupae are apparently free-living, and retains use of its mandibles.

This is the first snakefly I have found, and it was quite a pleasant surprise for my final day in the Okanagan. This was found in the Desert Centre of Osoyoos (link below), late April on the opening day of the centre for the year.


DSC02352 DSC02353  DSC02355


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