Bird Count 2013-01-18


Earlier this week a rare Eurasian bird was reported to be found in Queen’s Park, in New Westminster. Initially spreading throughout birding circles, the bird soon made its way onto general news broadcasts. I decided to trek out to Queen’s Park on Friday, a nice clear day that I had some spare time. It was a long time since I’ve been to Queen’s Park, so I was hit with spittles of nostalgia here and there as I wandered around.IMG_6449

When I got there, I immediately saw someone camped out with their telephoto lens camera and binoculars. I was a bit concerned that it was going to be a rare sight, but luckily I just had to “find the group”. A little more ambling and I came across a mixed group of enthusiastic birders of 10 – 15 individuals gathered around a tree.

“Is the bird supposed to be in the tree?”
“Can you see it?”
This went on until “Hey, there it is!” and off the bird went to another branch a ways away. Along went the birders, stopping at the next viewing point, until once again the bird went off to another branch. This went on for the entire time.

While the bird itself was a treat to see, it was interesting seeing the assortment of people there: office workers on a coffee break, amateur photographers, retired senior citizens, tourists, and my favourite being the two who came all the way from Victoria early in the day just for the bird. This motley assortment moved along in a group tracing the bird’s movements. I began to wonder if the bird was leading us on.

People came and went, and the bird came in and out of viewing. Despite being there to view this rare treat, it was pleasant to see the chickadees, varied thrushes and even a nuthatch. After getting a couple decent shots of the bird I decided to head off down the hilly streets back to the skytrain.

Queen’s Park, New Westminster
Red-flanked Bluetail
Northwestern Crow
Black-capped Chickadee
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Found among lower branches and ground
Varied Thrush
gull sp.


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